Aubrey’s question of the night…


How did God make the first person?

You mean Adam?


Aubrey’s question of the night…

How do they make movies with the voices?

You mean cartoons?


This deviated from earlier in the day when she told me tonight’s question would be, “How does the brain work?’”

Aubrey’s question of the night…

How do they make material?

Guess where I found Blankie *this* time?

3 people searching for twenty minutes… nothing.

2 people searching for ten minutes… nothing.

1 person searching for ten minutes…found!


Aubrey’s Question of the Night…

Why do our bodies burp, toot, yawn and hiccup?

Aubrey’s Question of the Night…

Recently, Aubrey and I started a mother-daughter tradition. When I tuck her in at night, she asks me a question. Anything on her mind. Her questions have proven to be quite thoughtful and very funny, so of course, our first instinct is to tell you all about it! ha!  

Here are some from the last few  nights:

Last night:
A: How does God make the seed become a baby?
me: Well a woman has an egg….
A: (eyes widened!)
me: not like a chicken egg…
A: oh… phew!
me: the egg is so tiny you can’t see it. And the man has a seed. Also so tiny you can’t see it. When the seed and the egg get together, God takes over and it becomes a baby.
A: So, when the man and the woman marry, they have a baby? 
me: yes.
A: What if the man has a seed and the woman doesn’t have an egg?
me: They don’t have a baby.
A: Until the woman gets an egg? Then they have a baby?
me: Yes.

Smart little chicken.

A: So….. how does Santa work? Like, how does he go around to ALL those houses and go down all those chimneys to give all the presents?

I’m going to try to post her question every night so keep coming back!

Haeley had a concussion

Last Thursday, Haeley was helping me cook in the kitchen. She went to get down from the step stool and as she sat down on the top step (16” off the floor) she fell backward through the step’s handle and step. Our stool looks something like this:

She landed on her back and knocked the back of her head on the ceramic tile floor. She cried, of course, but the whining and complaining lasted a very long time. About 45 minutes. This whole time, she lay on the couch watching a cartoon and was very lethargic. She started getting sleepy and I called the nurse to have her remind me what concussion signs were. She told me many things, but one was vomiting. And to make sure I could wake her if she fell asleep.

I got off the phone with her and tried to wake Haeley. She woke up and threw up everywhere. I was trying to move her off the couch and she threw up again. I sat her down on the floor, locked the baby in the baby proofed room and called my neighbor. She was able to take Charles until Christian could come home.  I packed up lunch and nap stuff for Charles (both babies were crying now), cleaned up the mess on the floor and changed Haeley’s clothing. I packed my bag with an extra pair of jammies, a few snacks and her blanket and we were off.

Now I called Christian. Ten times – at least. When he finally picked up, he asked if everything was ok and I told him the details. He was able to leave work and get Charles.

As we pulled into the hospital, Haeley threw up again – all over her new shirt, jacket and beloved Blankie. I had to leave Blankie in the car, and thankfully I had a towel in there I could wrap her in so I wouldn’t get messy too. I parked in one of the two 5-minute parking Emergency areas and checked her in. Thankfully there was only a 5 minute wait. I kept telling everyone I met that I was parked in a 5-minute parking zone, and they said they’d either have vallet come or the security would come find me if they wanted me to move.

I was able to give Haeley a little bird bath before we went to our room, so that was nice. I couldn’t change her into the pajamas I brought though, because I grabbed two pairs of pants, no shirts. They gave us a little hospital gown.

The Doctor saw us and said he was hopeful that everything will be fine, but the swelling at the impact site and just under it was concerning and he wanted to rule out brain injury, so he ordered a CT scan.

Little girl was SO brave. She was interested in the “bed” at first and lay down willingly. Looking at the lights and all the Sesame Street character stickers. Then they “wrapped her in a blanket” (velcroed her arms down) and she started to whine a little. When they strapped down her forehead and chin, she cried a bit more and started telling me, “all done”. She didn’t like when the bed moved back into the machine. The pictures didn’t take that long to complete though and she got stickers so she was happy. The results came back only ten minutes later and were negative, so we were able to go home. I wish I could have taken a picture of her in there for her to see someday when I tell her this story, but I felt horrible leaving her side to go get my camera.

She fell asleep on the way home and only woke a little in the transfer from messy car seat to Daddy’s arms, where she fell asleep and stayed for another half an hour.  When she woke up from her nap, she had a popsicle and was just about back to normal.

Next day, totally back to normal. In fact, she even climbed back up on the stool to help me cook again.

The search for Blankie

When Haeley was about three months old, I introduced her to what is now called Blankie. It was her crib blanket. Never left the crib.

Then Charles came. Haeley suddenly hated being “trapped” in the TV room. This is the room where all her toys were. All the big kids toys were in another room and she wasn’t big enough yet to be in there without me while I was nursing. She started saying, “nigh nigh” all the time. I had horrible mommy guilt. I couldn’t give her the time and attention I used to so I caved in and brought Blankie out of the crib so something could comfort her.

We still have the rule that Blankie doesn’t leave the house, but she is very very attached to it while inside the house.

Today we went in the basement to clean. Usually when Haeley joins me in the basement it’s to do laundry. She always wants to wash Blankie and I usually will. Then I regret it for the next two hours until it’s dry. Today I said she should leave Blankie behind because it still smelled good from our last washing.

Fast forward several hours and it’s naptime. I can’t find Blankie ANYWHERE. I looked for five minutes with her. I put her to bed without it and went back to the search. 40 minutes later, she was still in her crib, crying, and I still couldn’t find it! I went up and tried to give her a replacement blanket. No dice. The crying was louder now. I had already cleaned up all the toys, looked under all the furniture, looked in the basement. I even looked in the hole in the speaker next to the TV!

Wanna’ know where I found it?

washing machine

Rushed Blankie up to her and she was asleep less than 5 minutes later.

She’s so cute, but man, we need another Blankie!

Christmas lights are up

Doesn’t it look pretty?

Ha! Oh my gosh. I can’t imagine putting up the lights on that house. Or the electricity bill. Holy smokes.

Last year at this time in Minneapolis, it was COLD! We already had our first snow and it was big – record breaking inches for being so early, if I remember correctly. Then we went to California for Thanksgiving and were outside in shorts. We called our neighbors and they said we had missed another 3” snowfall. So we were enjoying our wine on the pergola in sunny Southern California and had to start thinking about shoveling snow as soon as we got home! Ack.

This weekend was SO nice here. Sunny and in the mid 60’s. Because the snow and the cold prevented us from putting up Christmas lights last year, I did it this weekend! Actually, a whole bunch of people did, so my thinking was not unique. This is the earliest I have ever put up lights before. Well, technically *I* have never put up lights – this is my first time, but you know what I mean.

Putting up the lights was kind of comical, actually. Christian decided he wanted to be on baby duty while I was in the yard. I gave him the choice. I look forward to getting out and doing yard work. Anything to get some alone time. So I raked leaves and then decided to put up the lights. I told him I needed his help, but maybe he didn’t hear me. Or had a different idea of help than I did. He put Charles in a stroller to watch me, threw Haeley in the car and went to the store. Actually, taking Haeley away probably was more help than if she were outside with us.

We have about 2,500 icicle lights. I decided I wanted our small magnolia tree all lit up this year. I really wanted to put large color bulbs on it, but we only have two strand of those. So I climbed up the ladder and got started wrapping the tree. With icicle lights. Up the ladder, down. Up the ladder, down. Trying to get up on the roof to reach the top of the tree seemed a little too dangerous as soon as I put my tennis shoe on the slippery roof, so I turned, held one end of the lights and threw the rest of them into the top of the tree, hoping to get the toilet papering effect. Didn’t work. And I got my hair stuck on a gutter clip. While at the top of the leaning ladder! Thought, for a minute, I might have to stay there until Christian returned. Now I had a huge clump at the top of the tree and my regular sized ladder didn’t get me tall enough. I had to climb INTO the tree. The end result looks pretty icky in the daytime because half the wire strands are white and you can’t see the top green ones, but at night it looks pretty! WP_000184

(my picture looks pretty darn sad compared to the first picture!)

We need to invest in more lights so we can do the house and the tree. Two years ago, I went and got some light stakes so I could line the ground in front of the planters with large bulb lights. I don’t know why they sell those here in Snow-ville. The snow covered them up before Christmas and we didn’t see them again until Spring. c9_stakes_app[1]

Next year will be better. And next year – I’m going to have him do the tree.

Baby-proofing the Fireplace

Charles has learned to climb up on low furniture and the fireplace hearth, scoot his knees really close, turn and sit. The problem is that he doesn’t have the greatest balance yet, and keeps falling backward – knocking his head on said furniture or fireplace. 

I *could* go out and buy one of these doo-dads for $60 KE Brown Hearth Pad, Kids Edge Taupe Hearth Pad, Metal Frame, Safety padding, Babyproofing, childproofing, child proofing, baby proofing, baby product, baby item, child safety, industrial safety product, foam edge padding, hearth padding, hearth cushion, edge product, rubber pad, hearth pad, bumper pad safety, corner plastic protector, corner protector, corner protector rubber, corner wall protector, hearth guard, protective pads, safety bumper, baby proofing products, child proofing products, child safety tip, home safety device, apartment safety, emergency supply, home safety equipment, house safety, safety in the home, industrial accident prevention, baby proofing your home, baby protection


But I’m cheap. I prefer the free, quadruple padding (that Haeley won’t rip off).