Christmas lights are up

Doesn’t it look pretty?

Ha! Oh my gosh. I can’t imagine putting up the lights on that house. Or the electricity bill. Holy smokes.

Last year at this time in Minneapolis, it was COLD! We already had our first snow and it was big – record breaking inches for being so early, if I remember correctly. Then we went to California for Thanksgiving and were outside in shorts. We called our neighbors and they said we had missed another 3” snowfall. So we were enjoying our wine on the pergola in sunny Southern California and had to start thinking about shoveling snow as soon as we got home! Ack.

This weekend was SO nice here. Sunny and in the mid 60’s. Because the snow and the cold prevented us from putting up Christmas lights last year, I did it this weekend! Actually, a whole bunch of people did, so my thinking was not unique. This is the earliest I have ever put up lights before. Well, technically *I* have never put up lights – this is my first time, but you know what I mean.

Putting up the lights was kind of comical, actually. Christian decided he wanted to be on baby duty while I was in the yard. I gave him the choice. I look forward to getting out and doing yard work. Anything to get some alone time. So I raked leaves and then decided to put up the lights. I told him I needed his help, but maybe he didn’t hear me. Or had a different idea of help than I did. He put Charles in a stroller to watch me, threw Haeley in the car and went to the store. Actually, taking Haeley away probably was more help than if she were outside with us.

We have about 2,500 icicle lights. I decided I wanted our small magnolia tree all lit up this year. I really wanted to put large color bulbs on it, but we only have two strand of those. So I climbed up the ladder and got started wrapping the tree. With icicle lights. Up the ladder, down. Up the ladder, down. Trying to get up on the roof to reach the top of the tree seemed a little too dangerous as soon as I put my tennis shoe on the slippery roof, so I turned, held one end of the lights and threw the rest of them into the top of the tree, hoping to get the toilet papering effect. Didn’t work. And I got my hair stuck on a gutter clip. While at the top of the leaning ladder! Thought, for a minute, I might have to stay there until Christian returned. Now I had a huge clump at the top of the tree and my regular sized ladder didn’t get me tall enough. I had to climb INTO the tree. The end result looks pretty icky in the daytime because half the wire strands are white and you can’t see the top green ones, but at night it looks pretty! WP_000184

(my picture looks pretty darn sad compared to the first picture!)

We need to invest in more lights so we can do the house and the tree. Two years ago, I went and got some light stakes so I could line the ground in front of the planters with large bulb lights. I don’t know why they sell those here in Snow-ville. The snow covered them up before Christmas and we didn’t see them again until Spring. c9_stakes_app[1]

Next year will be better. And next year – I’m going to have him do the tree.

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