The search for Blankie

When Haeley was about three months old, I introduced her to what is now called Blankie. It was her crib blanket. Never left the crib.

Then Charles came. Haeley suddenly hated being “trapped” in the TV room. This is the room where all her toys were. All the big kids toys were in another room and she wasn’t big enough yet to be in there without me while I was nursing. She started saying, “nigh nigh” all the time. I had horrible mommy guilt. I couldn’t give her the time and attention I used to so I caved in and brought Blankie out of the crib so something could comfort her.

We still have the rule that Blankie doesn’t leave the house, but she is very very attached to it while inside the house.

Today we went in the basement to clean. Usually when Haeley joins me in the basement it’s to do laundry. She always wants to wash Blankie and I usually will. Then I regret it for the next two hours until it’s dry. Today I said she should leave Blankie behind because it still smelled good from our last washing.

Fast forward several hours and it’s naptime. I can’t find Blankie ANYWHERE. I looked for five minutes with her. I put her to bed without it and went back to the search. 40 minutes later, she was still in her crib, crying, and I still couldn’t find it! I went up and tried to give her a replacement blanket. No dice. The crying was louder now. I had already cleaned up all the toys, looked under all the furniture, looked in the basement. I even looked in the hole in the speaker next to the TV!

Wanna’ know where I found it?

washing machine

Rushed Blankie up to her and she was asleep less than 5 minutes later.

She’s so cute, but man, we need another Blankie!

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  • Dee says:

    That is too funny, Kim! I know it wasn’t at the time, but how smart is Haeley? xoxo

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